Committee Member Ethar held a Google apps training session today for Burnage Library ICT Officers and fellow Committee Members. We learned how to make good use of Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Analytics. It was a very useful couple of hours that will hopefully help us to work more […]

Google Apps Training

The first day on duty as a volunteer without a librarian! As a member of the Management Committee I enjoyed the first session “in charge” as it were. I arrived 1.45, opened up as normal and turned on the book machine and all the computers. Grace, one of our volunteers, […]

The First Friday!

Our management committee took our new roller-banner to present at the MMU Library Teachmeet sponsored by CILIP. Talk about walking into the lions den, but it was an excellent event. Lots to take away and some great ideas. So watch this space! :)

Library TeachMeet @ MMU