Charlotte Wildman at Burnage Library

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Charlotte Wildman from Manchester University to Burnage Library on Tuesday for the first of her sessions, officially beginning our Heritage Lottery Funded programme, ‘Burnage: A Place Called Home’.

What are our perceptions of Manchester and the North of England in the 1920s and 1930s? From where do those stereotypes originate? And how closely did they match the reality, surely a far more complex and nuanced picture?

These were the questions Charlotte posed to our group, inviting us to challenge such preconceptions and presenting us with a range of thought provoking material. For it was in this climate that the large scale construction of areas like Burnage proceeded, a world away from flat caps, industrial grime and decline.

The issues were keenly discussed and it was revealing to have local developments placed in a regional and national context, heightening the achievement.

We look forward to welcome Charlotte back to Burnage Library on 13th Nov, 4th and 11th Dec, and will be hosting similar sessions at the Westcroft Centre later this month.

You’re most welcome to join us!