Beyond Borders – our Talk English group visit the Whitworth Art Gallery

“On May 3rd about 20 of us enjoyed a lovely morning at the Whitworth.  We looked at the Beyond Borders Exhibition- beautiful textiles old and new  from India , Pakistan and Bangladesh; we wandered in the beautiful main hall looking out  over the  park , taking lots of photographs . We also enjoyed the Apna exhibition- “Apna” is a word in many languages across South Asia meaning  “Ours, Yours, Everybody ‘s” . It’s the name of the Rossendale Women’s Art Group that produced this gorgeous work.  We had a great picnic in the sunny garden – what a feast! So much food shared , even a delicious pudding thanks to Mirza.  Then some went home, others up to look at the Wallpaper exhibition.  We used coloured crayons to make rubbings on paper of the patterns carved in the big table.   And with all this , we’d so much laughing and chatting.”

Here’s what the learners said about their visit:

“It was good, all the people were together, a team.”

“The weather was lovely. “

“Coming together by bus was fun, talking and walking together, around the park and gallery. “

“It’s nice get together. “

“It gives a nice opportunity to spend good time.”

“To get different views about culture. “

“We can get information about ancient forms of art.”

“Enjoyed seeing wedding suit.”

“We walked in the garden and saw the flowers and trees.”

“I liked food, we shared.”