There’s Art at the Heart of Burnage

You might have never noticed the steel shutter on the front of Burnage Library before but there’s no way you’re going to now. Burnage has a brand new artwork – a beautiful design by artist Nick Hamilton which celebrates our Community Powered Library and the richness of the imagination the world of books can unlock.
Burnage has always loved reading – newly arrived residents first petitioned the council in 1929 to press for a Library, and in 1947 the wartime Mobile Library service was described as “embarrassing successful” issuing over 1000 books a week to the avid book reading Burnage public.
Times have moved on, but after a successful campaign to the save the Library from closure in 2013 it remains a special place in the hearts of Burnage residents of all ages. The building has been a familiar sight on Burnage Lane for 43 years, but with its metal shutters down during closing hours, some people thought it had shut for good, so we thought it was about time it had some TLC , which is where Nick Hamilton with his distinctive style (you might recognise his work from the Northern Quarter) comes in.
We’re immensely honoured to host a piece of his original artwork at the heart of the community. If you like Nick’s work, you can find out more about it here – where you can also order the commemorative poster of his design featured Stevenson Square (see below) –  all of the funds raised are going to the “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund”.