Burnage Library Volunteers and the art of radio broadcasting with All FM

One rainy Friday, yesterday in fact, a group of volunteers gathered together at the Library to make radio magic.

In a stimulating, educational, cheeky, and really enjoyable day, Phil, Calum and Annie from All FM (96.9) patiently taught us all about the various elements required to make good radio; they demystified the process, introduced us to all the mixers and faders, taught us how to play songs from their database, encouraged us to consider microphones our new friends and exhorted us never to forget the chairs!  They also put us through our paces making us interview each other whilst they recorded it, a process that allowed us to get used to the somewhat alien process of hearing ourselves as we really sound (scary), and to get used to talking into our new friend Mr Microphone (don’t get too close, don’t bang the table!)

Then after lunch (thanks Doreen for the cake!), the pressure was really on as we put together our own hour long show with the support of the All FM team.  Ably hosted by DJ Suzie Q, each volunteer spoke about the activities they are involved in, from the IT Club to the Local History group and really opened up about why they volunteer and what they have gained from the experience.  I wasn’t the only one with trembling fingers as I spoke, but it was incredible how fast the hour flew by as we all chatted on during the live recording about why we love the library, the fight to save it from closure, and about the work we all do via the Hub in the Burnage community. We ended the day flushed with excitement, and yes, a little bit of relief, more knowledgeable about making radio, and with the confidence to do more if we ever get the chance.

Huge thanks to everybody who took part, to Amanda for organising it, and to Phil, Calum and Annie for their help, support, and patience and for leading us through their Radio In A Day session.

If you’d like to see pictures from the day or learn more about what took place check out our twitter page @BurnageLibrary, @ALLFM or visit allfmtraining.org.  And more importantly check out our show.  It’s on this coming Tuesday at 10am on All FM 96.9. www.allfm.org 

Jane Mordecai