Burnage Memory Bank – Open Afternoon

We had a busy session yesterday promoting the Burnage Memory Bank, speaking to people with great memories the area and learning a great deal in the process. One visitor brought with her a great number of photographs from her childhood on the Garden Village; the images showing, amongst other things, productions of the Garden Village Players and various parades and ceremonies around the village. These were supplemented by a number of newspaper cuttings and other personal recollections, much of which we’ll add to the Burnage Memory Bank website.


She also told us about her time as a St. John Ambulance cadet, adding a wonderful image of a ceremonial presentation made at the Odeon Cinema at Green End which you can view here.


Other visitors included members of the former Burnage Garden Society, who were keen to share their memories of the work done by the society in the area. They have provided us with their society’s minutes from the mid 1930s until its closure in 1996, which can now be accessed at Burnage Library, and we aim to scan and upload many of the fascinating items contained within that record.



A wonderful find was a copy of a hand-written booklet about St. Nicholas’ Parish Church, Kingsway, containing a wealth of superb photographs, notes and information about the early years of the church.

It was great to meet so many people who have an interest in the local area, who have stories to tell and items to share, and we look forward to working with them as the project continues.