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CodeClub Frequently Asked Questions

We support WIndows XP/Vista/7 and 8.x. We also support Apple Mac and Linux. The courses are delivered online and the platforms we use for languages like Scratch require the latest version of Java to be installed. You can download the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for your machine by going to […]

What computers do you support at CodeClub?

Ideally yes. However, we do have a few PCs available for use by those who don’t have a computer at home. Also, don’t bring big, bulky desktop machines. Laptops only. You might get away with a netbook or Raspberry Pi, as long as there are monitors available. Until the regularity […]

Do I have to bring a computer?

STEMNet is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network. The organisation can be found at www.stemnet.org.uk and often appoint STEM Ambassadors, who work in a STEM industry and are tasked with promoting and encouraging STEM subjects in schools and education.

What is STEMNet?

Parents will be sent a link to register themselves and their child and have to accept a disclaimer before their child can be allowed to attend. All volunteers running the club are DBS approved in line with our safeguarding policy and the policy of the STEMNetwork.

What happens when I register my child?