Burnage Writers

We are a writing group who meet every second Monday of the month between 6:30 and 8:00pm. We welcome writers or any or no ability!

As the writer in residence, my aim is to encourage people’s creative abilities. We work from writing exercises and writing prompt to produce short pieces of work that are shared (read aloud) with the group.

We hope to publish some work on the library’s blog, stage open-mic nights where the work may be shared, and hopefully host a half-day writing festival.

If you’re interested in joining then get in touch with Joy Wassall Timms at writers@burnageactivityhub.org.uk

Recent Posts:

Due to Covid-19, our Burnage Writers Group is not currently able to meet. However, our session leader Joy has still been busy! Check out what she has been doing during lockdown below…..

Here are a couple of Joy’s book recommendations:

David Sedaris – Calypso
Comprised of short, very funny sketches which are often based on his family. Often laugh out loud, and sometimes sad too. Very readable, and some of these were broadcast on Radio 4.

Ayisha Malik – This Green And Pleasant Land:
This was our March reading group choice. A very amusing, at times sad, but mainly uplifting read about a range of characters and families. The book deals with racism, marriage issues, ageing, and different religious attitudes. There’s some great characters such as Bilal, Khala Rukhsana, Shelley Hawking and Rev Richard. A real page turner!

  • Goat Song – Joy Wassell-Timms April 14, 2020 Goat Song - Joy Wassell-Timms I mean… we stood there on the Orme, we stood there and stood there… I mean… sometimes we posed against boulders, near primroses, framed ourselves against the sea, I mean… where were they? – with all their cars, and camper vans and camera phones and oldies with white hair, just like us. I mean… in the end no choice but to go down, we were curious, the quiet spooked us. I mean… it was seriously weird on the pier – no fishing rods, no go-karts, no slotties, shutters up. No nothing. I mean… the Prom was empty at 6am, just seagulls moaning about lack of crusts, batter and stale chips. I mean… there’s only so much grass you can eat and there were such juicy ...