Local History Group – Stockport

Sacrificing the last of the long weekend’s glorious weather, our group gathered this afternoon to explore the history of Stockport- presented by group member Toni.

Using photographs and articles gathered over the last few weeks, she took us on a journey around the town: covering its pubs, streets, prominent buildings and locations, and events of note. Few of us had heard of the town’s brief but violent riots in 1852, its castle, or the ski jump sited at Reddish Vale in 1960! Our swift tour was complemented by works of art from Lowry, along with videos on a hat works and the miracle of the Stockport Roses in 1947.

With many of our group familiar with Stockport, either through work or as somewhere to shop, we had plenty of memories and contributions from the floor!

Why not join us next Tuesday where we continue our discussion?