Work Experience at Burnage Library

Huma Abdul Ali is a student from Levenshulme High School, and chose Burnage Library for her Work Experience week. She got stuck right in and made a great contribution to our team. We really enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best for the future. 

My Work Experience

I did my work experience in the Burnage Library. Which, I found quite interesting, as I heard about the events of 4 years ago.

I’ll explain it briefly, 4 years ago, the library was going to be closed by the council, as it cost a lot of money – people then realised the value of it and did a campaign to keep it open. Now, it’s run by volunteers and not only librarians and there are a couple of librarians who come from the other libraries to check and support. So, it was something that was really different from daily situations. Therefore, I decided to have a look into it.

The routines and activities:


10:00-13:00 – I had a great induction with Anne and I met a lot of people and made good friends. Then, I got to know the volunteers better by chatting and introducing myself. Once we talked a lot I started to do some work, the first task that was set for me was to organise the URDU bookshelves as no ones there could order them well because they couldn’t speak it.

14:00-17:00 – Here, we had a history club, where they talked about Margaret Ashton, who was the first women councillor. I didn’t know about her before that session, so I was really great full. I made a lot of good friends there as well. It was such a good day.


10:00-13:00– On this day there was a story time with kids. Where, a lot of people came and had a great time with their children. It was great to see how the kids joined the activities and couldn’t stop laughing.

14:00- 17:00 – Digital Cafe for beginners was provided. Where I had to help them with the technological problems. Also, I helped them with the networks, connections, services as well as how to buy tickets online and other stuff online.  A had a fabulous time with them and got to see a lot of things.



10:00-13:00– On Thursdays the library is closed after school so I only had to work in the morning. Where they had a session called               “Talk English” which was provided to every single English learner (beginner) . I had a lot of fun on this day helping others by translating and everything. Also, they did a lot of activities such as; readings, writings, poems and analysis, which I found really interesting as I’m really interested in poetry and I do it at home as well. I got to meet a lot of people and it made me realise how big, yet small, the world is.


14:00-17:00 – On Fridays and Saturdays is the other way round, it’s opened in the afternoon. Which I think was fair, I mean those 2 days are when people can  rest the best. There wasn’t any specific activity session today there were just some general library duties. So, I organised the shelves, and helped around. Also just to mention, that my teacher visited me on this day and Anne told her about my progress. Both of them were proud of me which felt incredibly relieving. Also, the volunteers wrote sweet little messages for me to read. They were all one of the best messages I’ve ever read. I’m really glad that I chose this Library, it taught me a lot of things.



11.00-12:00 – There was a “Coding Club” on. Where, children between 9-13 years came  and did some computing. They practised with  Scratch, to learn a  wider range of different techniques. It felt so good the fact that this library was providing something from everything.

14.00 – 16.00– A “ Lego Club” was on and a lot of parents came with their children and they had a great time. I’ve been helping them with finding the pieces and helping them build their constructions.


That’s what I did In my work experience briefly explained.

My reflection:

What I want to say is just that I’m grateful. It’s a simple word right? But it makes you think a lot if you actually feel that way. Feeling grateful, thankful, helpful and glad is some of the most beautiful emotions ever a human being can ever feel. Thanks to this work experience I got to know a lot more things.

First of all, I would love to say that because of this experience I’ve come across with the real reason why I want to become a doctor.  Doctors have to be compassionate, empathetic, good listeners, good communicators, team players and good leaders. But how does this relate to my idea ? Through this experience I  found out that I love to help others and to  communicate with them.  It just makes me so happy just to think about it. It feels so nice when you can be helpful to others, you just think that you’re existence finally has sense.

I’ve also learned that there are a lot of people who always are chasing there dreams and they never give up. They come and study hard in the Library just hoping for a better tomorrow.  Also, the way others treated me is not just because I’m young but I’m compassionate and determined. I believe that you’re still young as long as you have dreams and hopes.


“As librarians, we support the freedom to read. We champion the right to access information for all people, regardless of race, creed, religion, or economic disposition. Libraries are everyone’s university. These may feel like cliches to the converted (us librarians), but they remain truisms.”

That’s what actually means to be a true librarian.


As I explained before as well I’m really thankful for everything. Thank you for treating me well and for trusting me. I recommend this library to everyone 100%!!

Remember, that books are a way to escape from the reality. If you feel tired of your life just read a book, if you enjoy reading then read ❤!

(Words have an incredible power, let’s be together to become stronger)

Everyone is afraid of changes

Staying, moving on, staying, moving on

Let’s love and support

Burnage Library together

Because were young forever