CodeClub’s First Session

Scratch at CodeClub

This Saturday saw our first ever CodeClub session, ran by our guest volunteer Tom.

In the first session we are introduced to Scratch software, an interactive platform that uses the functions of any other coding language but presents them with jigsaw like graphics. With Scratch, you can program interactive games, stories, animations. You can create your own sprites, backgrounds, sounds and text – and you can share your projects with your friends online.

Our project was to make a simple game of cat and mouse. Felix the Cat is programmed to chase Herbert the Mouse; the longer Herbert stays away, the more points you rack up. If Herbert is caught, he turns into a ghost : (

The workshop was fun, insightful and we are very much looking forward to the next one!


The next one is Saturday 26th April – Plenty of spaces are available so make sure you sign up here and get coding!!