Local History Group – Wartime Items

Over the last few months, many of our group members have brought in items belonging to close family members from both the world wars. It made sense to devote a session to these items, bringing them to wider audience. More importantly perhaps, it encouraged individuals to present to the group as a whole, talking for a short time on a subject (such their father’s, grandfather’s or brother’s wartime service, or perhaps their mother’s work in wartime industries).


We were treated to a superb array of items. Joyce lead the way, bringing a huge number of wartime medals, newspapers (from both the front line and a VE Day copy of the Manchester Evening News) and personal letters from those serving overseas in Eritrea. Dorothy provided us with a fascinating account of one of her brother’s Halifax bomber raids, illustrated by photographs of her brother and other crew members.

Alison and Warren were next, with Alison bringing in a superb sketch her father had drawn of their billet in Burma. A newspaper illustrator by trade, we were also shown examples of the maps he had drawn for publication in the Daily Courier. Finally Toni brought in a wonderful collection of postcards from both the great wars, with many of the stitched cards from WW1 emphasising the fraternity between the allied nations.

We’d like to thank all those who brought in material this week, and we look forward to welcoming you at our next session on Tuesday.