The First Friday!

The first day on duty as a volunteer without a librarian! As a member of the Management Committee I enjoyed the first session “in charge” as it were. I arrived 1.45, opened up as normal and turned on the book machine and all the computers. Grace, one of our volunteers, arrived. It was our first time of meeting and I ran through the opening scenario.

Shutter up at 2.00 p.m. and Kristian had now joined us. We chatted and got to know each other. We did not have to wait too long before our first library users came; far more than I expected for our first Friday opening.

Not long after, we had to make our first phone call to Withington Library, books to go out were not registering – Withington were very helpful and soon sorted us out, it was my first time contacting another library for help.

Soon another problem and again sorted by Withington – I soon found out that you have to give the ticket holders details followed by the book code for help to be forthcoming, I am amazed by the efficiency of Withington.

Grace wanted to interview me about my involvement with the library, she needed it for her thesis; Other members of the Board may be able to give a different perspective. I brought the Guardian and Mirror from home, sadly the no one looked at the Guardian but a lady did the crossword and read the Mirror right through – she was with us for over an hour. I did think it might have been a good idea to offer her a cup of tea for 50p. Just a thought.

Ollie, our MCC NEDO, called in at 4.30 and stayed until closing time. We all felt that it had been a very enjoyable afternoon. Maybe soon it could be a 7 day library!!!

Peter T