Burnage Memory Bank Website

We’ve created a dedicated site for the Burnage Memory Bank programme, a space where people’s recollections, stories, photographs, sounds and videos can all be shared:


It’s always being updated, but at the minute we have photographs from the Duchess of York hospital, pictures showing the allotments on Cringle Fields during the Second World War, class photographs from Green End School in the 1960s, and recollections of schooling and evacuation in wartime Burnage. The site will also host our collection of oral histories; our discussions with the Rev. Dennis Nadin from Burnage Heritage have recently been added and can be listened to here.


The website also allows people to add their own material. You can share with us any stories, memories and photographs you have of the local area:

  • Were you a member of a local sports club or community organisation?
  • Did you attend one of the local schools, or work for one of the employers located in the area?
  • Did you move to the area from somewhere else? What were your impressions of Burnage?

We would also welcome any sound recordings or videos you’d like to contribute, along with other items such as event programmes or flyers for local events.We’re able to convert any old VCR tapes you have of events in the area, so get in touch if you have any lying around!

From the website’s home page, click on the “Share Your Memories” button, or click on this link.



We’re looking forward to hearing from you!