Local History Group – Duchess of York Hospital

Today we explored the story of the Duchess of York hospital on Burnage Lane. Looking at a number of old Manchester Guardian articles, photographs and historic maps, we followed its progress from a terraced house on Clarendon Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock to Oak Field House, Slade Lane and finally its familiar home at Cringle Hall. Articles were found describing the hospital’s expansion, its acquisition of neighbouring buildings and the development of a greater number of services.


We then looked at two annual reports from 1939, taking a special interest in the donors to the hospital. These ranged from prominent members of local families, Behrens and Simon for instance, large companies such as Refuge and Metropolitan-Vickers, along with numerous small community organisations and individuals, all co-operating to support this institution.


Having two group members who worked at the hospital, Margaret and Mary, we were given a great insight into life working at the hospital.

Why not pop-in next Tuesday and join the discussion?