Exploring Other Libraries

Exploring ideas to improve and update Burnage Library, took me to Hebburn on Tyneside, next to my hometown of Jarrow. The recently opened library is in a eye catching building made from specially weathered steel panels, similar to those used for the famous statue the Angel of the North, known by Geordies as the “Geordie Flasher”! The building incorporates several council services and on the day of my visit, was being extremely well used. There is a swimming pool, café, a housing office and a gym, as well as the library.


Hebburn 1

Hebburn 2


The library area had very calm, tranquil colours, with the exception of a very bright multi coloured rug in the teenage area. The rug made a very distinct area for teenagers, where it is possible to sit, read or study. The alphabetical dividers used a simple box system, with the letters clearly jutting out.

The rug and the dividers are two ideas that it would be great to use at Burnage.

Hebburn 3


Continuing my exploration of libraries to gain ideas for improving Burnage Library, took me yesterday to Sale Library. As in Hebburn, the building houses several council services together under one roof. The atmosphere was busy and buzzy, the sunny day and the school holidays no doubt encouraging people to leave their houses. Immediately eye catching was an attractive display of stationery items for sale, including cards and pencil cases.

Sale 2


The library was divided into distinct areas for users. My particular area of interest, the teen or young adult area, had two simple black sofas and a row of bookcases. I particularly liked the display of books highlighting teenage problems.

Sale 1

Hebburn 5


Following these visits, I’m sure we can make Burnage even better!